About Us

My Healthcare and our dedicated staff are focused on developing innovative solutions to meet the individual needs of each of the patients and partners we serve.


We are here to help.

Seeking medical treatment can be stressful, not only to the patient, but also to family members who are caregivers.

Our goal is to remove the undue stress and provide the most cost-effective, productive plan of care to achieve optimal results.

It is our mission to use the abilities of our medical professionals, the latest technology available, and the resources at our disposal to make each patient’s experience with us positive and beneficial. 



Focus on Care

We’ve built a network of highly capable employees and partners who are able to serve our patients with the utmost care and compassion.

This allows us to develop unique solutions that will increase the health, stability and vibrancy of each patient we serve.

My Healthcare provides superior care through:

  • Providing better quality of life.
  • Allowing fewer medication errors.
  • Experiencing fewer ER/Hospital visits.
  • Lowering future chances of readmission utilizing our Meds2Home program.
  • No extra cost to you or your patients.
  • Immediate access to medications.
  • Reduction in cost.
  • Caregivers get more time for patient care and less time is spent on med pass.


Who We Serve

My Healthcare solutions are sized for you.

We offer programs and services that will not only fit the needs of individuals, but our system is also scalable so that it may function within a variety of healthcare facility sizes and settings. 

  • Seniors and older adults
  • Independent living communities
  • Assisted living communities 
  • Skilled nursing/long term care
  • Hospitals
  • Group homes
  • Home care
  • Hospice

Let's get started.

Find out which of My Healthcare's programs and services are perfect for you.